6 Key Benefits for Using Your Flux Beambox

laser cutting machine

Artists, designers and manufacturers alike will benefit from using their very own Flux Beambox application.

This is a brand that remains at the forefront of digital innovation by combining traditional cutting qualities with modern tools that protects safety and enhances project precision.

As a first-class smart desktop laser cutter and engraver, this stunning piece of technology is the perfect outlet for specialists that want to get the most from their skillset in 2020.

Time to explore the 6 key benefits of using this machine for domestic and commercial projects.


1) Flexible Design Platform

One of the standout features that is on show with the Flux Beambox is the capacity to shape and manipulate the material to an exact measurement. Cutters and engravers understand that one millimeter can make all the difference between a precise product and a mistake, so the emphasis is on the technology to deliver a tool that will perform under these conditions. All manner of creations can be used on this platform that includes woods, cardboard, leather and acrylics. The work area cuts up to 10mm thick with a work parameter spanning 40cm x 37.5cm.


2) Camera Previewing

Sometimes it can be hard to get a tangible feel for the final product before the process has begun in earnest. Thanks to the Flux Beambox, operators are able to use the built-in camera application to preview the creation first hand. If there are subtle alterations that need to occur, there is complete flexibility for those who want to take their time and be patient with the process. This is transparency with cutting and engraving at its finest.


3) First-Class Software Integration

For operators fortunate enough to have their Flux Beambox at hand, they will compliment their work with the integrated software package from Beam Studio. No features are off limits for participants that want to get the absolute maximum out of the technology. This is a platform that is open to users of all profiles being compatible across Mac OS, Windows and even Linux models. The same principle applies to the files and works across SVG, JPG, DXF and PNG files respectively.


4) Touch Panel Operation

A user-friendly interface would not be complete without the assistance of the touch panel. This is where participants Flux Beambox really do get value for money, carefully maneuvering and manipulating the content to meet the needs of the project. The compact water-cooling system takes the product to the next level, ensuring a smooth process that maintains longevity and consistency with the application.


5) Excellent Safety Protocols

This is a brand that pulls out all the stops when it comes to providing genuine safety protocols. Even flammable materials that could catch alight like wood are diminished thanks to the ventilation devices in-built into the system. These were risks that were commonly factored into development given the energy and power that is required to work cutting and engraving projects. That is now a concern that is consigned to the past as consumers can leverage this application without putting themselves in harm’s way.


6) Complete User Creativity

Professionals and amateurs alike will thoroughly enjoy working with the Flux Beambox because it facilitates creativity. Participants can switch from paper to felt, cardboard to rubber and acrylics to wood at their own convenience. What would normally act as limitations to these designs has been eliminated to pave the way for grand creations that pushes the envelope. That level of creativity is something that DIY operators and commercial developers will equally enjoy once they have installed their own Flux Beambox application.