Household And Pipes

Pipeline problems are most common in large cities such as Montreal and Quebec, with more than 65% of the population in Montreal facing this problem at least once a year. The secret to preventing the challenge and good cleaning during specialized housekeeping service.

– Pipelines that are problematic:

This is the best non-toxic pipe cleaner that you will never have used. Pour 250 ml of salt (table salt, coarse salt, or any other type of salt) and 250 ml of baking soda into the bung. Add hot water (the contents of a kettle). If the problem is due to frozen grease, it will disappear immediately. If you need a more powerful product, use 30 ml of soda crystals (available where laundry products are sold) diluted in one liter of hot water. Slowly pour the solution into the drain. After ten minutes, wash thoroughly with warm water.

– Monthly cleaning of the pipes:

Once a month, pour a handful of baking soda into the drain and add 125 ml of vinegar. A small volcano will then erupt. Place a plug on the bung, then rinse with plenty of cold water after 30 minutes.

– Clean the garbage disposal:

To keep your grinder clean and free from clogging, fill the sink with ten centimeters of hot water and add 250 ml of baking soda. Empty the sink leaving the disposer running.

– To use a d├ębouchoir wisely:

Indeed, there is an extraordinary way to use the dispenser if you want to work more efficiently. Close the overflow from the sink (usually located at the front of the sink) by clogging it with old rags. If you do not do this, the water will drain through the hole and return through the overflow, fill the sink with ten to fifteen inches of water. Place the suction cup on the drain and press firmly. Then pull up, press down again, and repeat ten to twelve times.