Reasons To Wear A Minimal Bikini

woman in her minimal bikini

With new and more accepting attitudes being much more prevalent in modern society, the minimal bikini rise in popularity has not gone unnoticed. With the rise of social media and social media influences, the minimal bikini has been a recurring theme and outfit on our social media feeds.

You take this and girl power and body positive movements and you have a recipe for a new style whose popularity knows no bounds. The new chic styles and modern designs from the likes of various big-name brands have ushered in the age of the minimal bikini, and we are here to tell you why.


Tan your whole body

With traditional swimwear, it can be hard to achieve a full-body tan that isn’t ruined by large, painfully obvious tan lines. The specific designs of traditional swimwear covers large portions of skin, making it hard to achieve that sought after golden tan body-wide. With the minimal bikini, more skin is showing, and achieving that tan is much easier to do, without those large pesky tan lines.


It is current trendy fashion

With the minimal bikini use by top social media influencers and celebrities, it’s no wonder that its popularity has grown so much.

With the modern times calling for smaller and more revealing bikinis, it’s no wonder it’s currently trending as popular fashion for those beach-going days. If you are at the beach, it is rare to see many girls not wearing the minimal bikini. With social media trending, and current fashion brands all releasing designs, there is not much choice left, but to join them.


Because it looks good

And of course, there is this reason. The minimal bikini just looks good. With its fashionable designs and ‘barely there’ strings, it aims to show off as much of the body as possible without being basically nude at the beach. Of course the more you show, the more it’s going to look good and turn heads, and that’s exactly what it does.

With the trending movements of the past years aimed at women empowerment, body positivity and sexual/sexuality acceptance, it’s no surprise the minimal bikini has become almost a symbol for these movements. Its flaunting design is a show of power to anyone who sees it, empowering the women who wear it.

The power of these movements has seen the sharp rise in its popularity across the western world and as a result the rise in its manufacturing and designs from various notable brands.

Empowerment and feeling like you look amazing, what more could you want?


Because there are so many designs and styles


As mentioned, the rise in popularity of the minimal bikini has led to numerous big-name brands to release summer collections with new designs and styles. These designs and styles come with a huge variety.

These styles include minimalist (a trendy choice at the moment) in which colors are kept to one, and material is sleek. These modern designs are also popular among other styles of swimwear.

It also panders to the chic designs, and two create a beautiful and powerful style, one that has gained popularity across social media.

Finally, a retro throwback in design is the floral print. Many different swimwear brands have brought this back, and the floral print is doing well. Whilst being perfect for almost all types of swimwear, the floral print works well for the minimal bikini style.


In summary, the minimal bikini is a popular style of swimwear in these modern times, possibly the most popular at the moment. With a variety of movements backing it, and various new modern designs being released by big-name swimwear brands, there’s no excuse not to try it out.