Why Paella Catering For Big Sydney Gatherings Is The Best Choice


Catering for big events is a major challenge for hosts, particularly when they are based in the city.

As patrons and guests drive in from the Inner West, CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and beyond, it is necessary to have entrees and main courses that satisfy those hunger cravings.

This is where paella catering Sydney services comes as the option of choice for many gathering hosts, allowing them to use the best of local Spanish cuisine expertise on their premises.


Healthy Cuisine

Paella catering for big Sydney gatherings is the option of choice for hosts that know their guests will love healthy eating options. With many consumers in 2019 careful about what they eat and wanting to look after their well-being without compromising on taste, this delectable Spanish dish really is a knockout winner. Whether it is plates that are specified for vegetarians or for those that are sticking to a gluten or dairy-free diet, these meals can meet those requirements. Each plate of paella is packed with nutritional value as well, including healthy doses of vitamin K and C, potassium, antioxidants and a low calorie count.


Feeding More Mouths

The challenge to feed dozens or hundreds of patrons all at once can be a real struggle for hosts that are not accustomed to such an exercise. As more guests come flooding through the doors, how is it possible to satisfy all of the people amid all of the plates and cutlery that is utilised on the say? Paella catering for big Sydney gatherings is the only real choice that makes sense in this setting, allowing for the chefs to repeat the process and heat up their frying pan to cater to upwards of 150+ patrons at any one time. This feature alleviates the pressure and stress placed on clients who would otherwise be in a panic about feeding everyone.



Counting the dollars is one of the elements that cannot be overlooked for domestic clients who could already be paying extensive fees. Whether it is the venue hire, the drinks and other services that are rolled out for the event, it is necessary to save as much money as possible. This is a reason why paella catering for big Sydney gatherings becomes so preferable, allowing for consumers to adjust their rates according to the per person rate. From as little as $20 per head all the way down to $12 or below for upwards of 150 patrons, these outlets will ensure that plenty of mouths can be fed without having to spend exorbitant fees for the privilege.


Simple to Order

The ordering process is uncomplicated when hiring paella catering for big Sydney gatherings. Once initial contact has been made online, over the phone or in person, the outlet can understand numbers, dietary requirements and any spacing necessary to run the project. The cooks will arrive with the experience and expertise to deliver the food as requested without any complications or strings attached.


Diversity With Dish Creation

From authentic chicken to seafood, brown rice to cooked rice, ham to muscles or prawns, there is a great amount of variety and creativity when it comes to paella catering for big Sydney gatherings. These dishes are complimented with a range of herbs and spices as well as olive oil, lemon juice, parsley and other elements that add flavour and texture to the menu item. Such a range of choice will be beneficial for patrons who clearly want something that is more than a one-size-fits-all setting, giving them the capacity to select a meal that suits their own needs on the day.